Make education fairer for all: Let public charter schools grow

Educational opportunity for minority students is once again under attack, this time from the Supreme Court. Their decision eliminating affirmative action in college admissions is a tragic but predictable event — the American education system has rarely worked in our favor.

As Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson wrote in her dissenting opinion, “This contention blinks both history and reality in ways too numerous to count. But the response is simple: Our country has never been colorblind.”

Mosaic Gala

Black Latinx Asian Charter Collaborative (BLACC) hosted their inaugural Mosaic gala on Thursday, June 15th at the CAPITALE in Lower Manhattan. CEO Miriam Raccah served as emcee and presented the Educator of the Year awards. BLACC Board Chairman Reverend Alfred Cockfield introduced the Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education, David C. Banks, who gave the keynote address. Founder & CEO of BRICK Education Network Dominique Lee presented the UNITY Award to civil rights attorney and CEO of the KIPP Foundation, Shavar Jeffries, and Founder & President of Latino Pastoral Action Center Bishop Rivera introduced Mosaic Award winner Dr. Elaine Lopez, Founder & CEO of the International Leadership Charter High School.

Charter school advocates: Representation matters in licensing

New York state is set to re-approve licenses for 14 charter schools in New York City by re-issuing so-called “zombie” licenses under an agreement in the $229 billion state budget. Advocates for charter schools, however, argue this is just the first step in what needs to happen to ensure communities that utilize charter schools actually receive the licenses. Black, Latinx, Asian Charter Collaborative CEO Miriam Raccah, in a statement released this week, urged that those who are selected to run the new charter schools “are representative of the communities they serve.”

Minority educators demand cap lift to open more charter schools in NYC

“Parents need options, especially parents of color,” said Rev. Al Cockfield. Al is the founder of Lamad Academy Charter School in Brooklyn and chairman of the board of the Black Latinx Asian Charter Collaborative, a group representing charter schools led by minority educators.

Charter Advocates Float Equity Provisions To Raise Charter Cap

Governor Hochul’s plan to increase the number of charter schools at New York City may yet find a way through an anti-charter state legislature — if she includes racial equity provisions.

Hochul’s charter school expansion plan faces pushback

“Charter schools are one of the most innovative and impactful tools that the Legislature has created to deal with the educational inequities that affect our communities,” said Miriam Raccah, CEO of the Black Latinx Asian Charter Collaborative. “The Legislature now has an opportunity to evolve that strategy by correcting a missed opportunity to put that tool in the hands of the communities it was most intended to impact and help.”

Charter school fight heats up

Elected officials joined hundreds of parents, teachers, charter leaders and advocates in front of City Hall Park Tuesday to urge the state Legislature to back Gov. Kathy Hochul’s proposal to allow more charter schools to operate in New York City.

Advocates urge more New York charter schools to improve classroom diversity

Leaders with the Black Latinx, Asian Charter Collaborative addressed lawmakers in the state’s Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic & Asian Legislative Caucus on Monday, calling for Hochul’s proposal to be included in the final budget due April 1. They say more charters give parents and guardians more options for students to attend school in an environment that’s best for them.

Another way for charter schools to expand

But to make [Governor Hochul’s] charter plan truly complete, the governor must also commit herself to ensuring that charters are led and staffed according to the most up-to-date standards of diversity and inclusion. She must embrace the vision that is now energizing and enhancing so much of corporate America.

Black and Latino educators support lawmakers’ push for more minority-led charter schools in NY

Black and Latino leaders of New York City charter schools are backing a new bill that would allow dozens more of the alternative schools to open — as long as they are run by people of “historically, underrepresented communities.”

School Program Uncovers Artistic Talent of Low-Income Children

More than 400 children with Latino roots, like 10-year-old César Abreu, who knew from a young age that he wanted to play an instrument, benefit from an elementary school that focuses primarily on learning music in Upper Manhattan.

Charter Advocates See Hope For Lifting The Cap

Gov. Kathy Hochul raised eyebrows last month when she expressed support for lifting the cap on the number of charter schools in New York City during a gubernatorial debate — the first time she made a definitive comment on the issue since she became governor.

State of the Art Technology Lab at Summit Academy

This powerful new engineering lab provides hundreds of students with the ability to learn computer programming and coding at the foundational level. The lab also includes the ability to explore, create and render using 3D printing.

Summit Academy Launches The Engineering Lab

Students in Red Hook are learning computer engineering in a new way with two first-of-its-kind classrooms that use video games and robots as lesson plans.

NYC’s Bilingual Charter School Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Music filled the hallways at the American Dream Charter School in the Bronx on Friday. Hispanic countries’ flags spread across the building, and 18 classrooms and the cafeteria were transformed into a specific country — kicking off the first Hispanic world celebration at the school.

Grandson of Nelson Mandela Speaks with Brooklyn Students on Combatting Violence

Ndaba Mandela, grandson of South Africa’s first Black president Nelson Mandela, spoke with Brooklyn students at Lamad Academy Charter School on Monday about the importance of chasing their dreams and helping to end violence in our city.

Bronx Charter School Head Previews School Year

Miriam Raccah, the executive director of the Bronx Charter School for the Arts, joined Cheryl Wills on “Live At Ten” Tuesday night to discuss city students returning to the classroom. She talked about how the COVID-19 pandemic set children back.

Nationwide Teacher Shortages. WPIX11 Interview.

There is a nationwide teacher shortage that is impacting schools, specifically in underserved communities. These shortages are just one of the many obstacles facing charter schools in the New York City area.


Reinventing America’s Schools. The Radically Pragmatic Podcast.

Last week was National Charter Schools Week, and instead of celebrating the quality education that public charters provide to millions of students, the Department of Education is working to undermine the ability of these schools to function.